Self-Portraits of a Stranger

There is a curiosity in the origin of the English word stranger, which finds its origin in the French étranger, which means "foreigner". The Latin equivalent is hostie, which means "guest" and "host" at the same time and gives rise to the word hospitality.


Self-portraits of a stranger, was born as an impulse to obtain self-knowledge; hiding the apparent identity (which is linked in the identity documents with the face), my intention was to portray a deeper and more hidden identity, which exudes an aura of mystery because it goes beyond the definitions and labels that one can give oneself, creating an analogy to the guest/host with the photographer/portrayed.


By liberating oneself from one's own identity, space opens up to this concept found in the Latin word "hostie".


"Man, know thyself, and you are going to know the universe and the gods".

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