Across the Threshold

I had the fortune to accompany my grandparents in the last years of my grandfather's life.

My grandfather used to raise chickens and guinea pigs, sow and harvest fruit trees, almost until the end of his life. 

One day a cat arrived, one-eyed and full of scars, and stayed along in the small farm that they cultivated. 


After a couple of months interned in the hospital, my grandfather passed away. The curious thing about this story is, that the one-eyed cat died almost at the same time. I like to think of this cat, as if it were a kind of guide, in the journey of my grandfather to the other side, with an eye seeing on this world and the blind eye able to see beyond the barriers of our dimension.

We were something before birth.

We will be something after death.


I dont know.

But we will all cross that threshold.

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